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Pip White was born and brought up in Salisbury.  Her love of art and crafts have been an enduring aspect of her life from an early age when she was first taught to paint and draw by her grandfather.  It has only been recently her discovery of needle felting has allowed her to explore her talent in a very unique way.  Her use of fibre forms an illusion of water colour or pastels and allows her to create landscapes and coastal scenes mainly from the south-west of England.  


The works are lovingly made mainly from Merino fleece, which is a particularly fine wool fibre, but also from more exotic fibres such as yak and silk as well as man-made natural fibres such as Tencel.  The scenes are created from photographs of well-known landscapes and coastal views.  


Pip also undertakes commissions and you can contact her direct for details but all work is the same price as on the web site and is on an ‘approval’ basis.


Needle felting is the attachment of wool or other fibres either to either itself to form a dense fabric or shape or in this case to a backing felt to produce a picture.  It is painting with wool which not only replicates paint but gives a three dimensional quality to the work.
Yorkshire Moors
23 x 23cm inc frame
£45 inc pp
Yorkshire Dales
23 x 23cm inc frame
£45 inc pp
Evening at Woolacombe
23 x 23cm inc frame
£45 inc pp
North Somerset Beach
23 x 23cm inc frame
£45 inc pp
Stormy Walk
33 x 28.5cm inc frame
£160 inc pp
Milford-on-Sea Beach
£45 inc pp
Yorkshire Moors Kit
£32 inc pp
Miniature Picture Kit
£35 inc pp

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