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Born in India, I was raised on a farm in Kent where I learned a love for the outdoors and working with my hands. I spent a lot of time getting under my father's feet in his workshop and l picked up a lot about wood in the process.  

I was first captivated by turning at school where I was taught the very basics but never had the opportunity to develop it further.  Despite a brief and not very successful attempt at retrying turning in 2007 with the purchase of my first lathe, it was not until my retirement from the army after a 33 year career that things looked up.  

As part of my resettlement, I undertook a course with the Internationally renowned Master Turner, Stuart Mortimer, whose work continues to inspire me to this day.  With Stuart's encouragement and support, I rekindled my love of turning and became a full time turner in 2018.  

As I continued to develop, I took the plunge and turned professional in 2019 with the launch of my company Butterwood.  I was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners later the same year.


I love working with any wood, but I am particularly keen on the huge variety of colour and grain found in exotic hardwoods.  This has led me down the route of segmented designs which has given me the opportunity to mix different woods to exploit their beauty.


The precision and accuracy required in segmented work also appealed to the soldier in me.  That said, I find my work continually evolves and more recently I have been turning live-edged pieces which have a more natural flow, which in turn has led me to create a series of bowls inspired by flowers from my garden.  

I derive a huge amount of pleasure in sharing my passion and run training sessions for those wanting to try turning and look forward to resuming these once restrictions are fully lifted.  

I undertake commissions and have made several pieces from wood supplied by clients, often from trees that had to be felled but were nontheless special to them.

My work has been exhibited in the Amesbury Art Gallery and I have taken part in several local events including most of the Salisbury Arts Scene events in 2020 as well as the Hampshire Open Studios.

Orange Bowl
A segmented and pierced pedestal bowl in Padauk
29cm x 12cm
Iroko Bowl
with segmented rim
Stripped Platter
in exotic hardwoods (one of a pair)
A Vase with a Twist
Segmented vase in Zebrono
with a holly pig finial
32cm - height
Flower Bowl
in Zebrano and Wenge
12cm x 8cm
from a Lime Burr
Pedestal Bowl
in Iroko with segmented rings
38cm x 20cm 
Jatoba Goblet
with segmented rings
20cm - height

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