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I am proud to be an Irish potter; I trained on the acclaimed Pottery Skills Course in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland after completing a ceramics degree in 2013. 


I have worked with several Irish potters including Mark Campden and Caroline Dolan. After completing my one year apprenticeship with Julie Ayton in 2019, supported by the Adopt a Potter Trust, I am now the Visual Arts and Pottery Assistant at Wiltshire Creative.


The making processes of pottery are what excite me. I challenge myself with seemingly simple yet complex forms and techniques, altering thrown pots and playing with surface decoration. I combine these with my love of pattern, line and colour.


I use traditional pottery techniques like sgraffito and inlay and also paper resist to create patterns with a contemporary feel, embracing the natural imperfections and qualities of the materials and decorating techniques. The pattern of my domestic range is inspired by leaves and the linear patterns of my soap dishes are strongly inspired by an old galvanised bin and the pottery windows.


Part of the excitement for me comes from never exactly knowing how the piece will look when the kiln is opened.


I make each pot in the hope that it will enrich those everyday moments - drinking tea from a favourite mug or eating porridge in the morning.

Oven Dishes
£44 - £52
Coffee mug
Spotted Jug
Fruit bowl
£24 - £42
Breakfast bowls
Soap dish
Bird feeder

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