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M A T T H E W   D E A N


Matthew Dean is a Salisbury based artist with a background in film and animation. Primarily working with raw materials Matthew constructs low relief abstract works. When Matthew is not in his studio he practices the art of figure drawing at Studio 53 where he teaches several creative classes through the week.

T A M S I N   L O V E D A Y


Tamsin is a local artist exploring Book Arts, Print and Mixed Media. Creatively inspired by colour, texture and materials as well as everyday life. As The Barefoot Bindery, Tamsin makes special books that are artworks in their own right in addition to delightful sketchbooks and journals that are a joy to use. 

D A W N   H A I N E S


Dawn Haines is the artisan potter behind Soul Fired Ceramics. Dawn creates beautiful, hand-made ceramics to be used, loved and enjoyed everyday as a sustainable alternative to throw-away, plastic and mass produced items. Her home studio in Winterslow is powered by electricity generated by solar panels.

‘Made from the soul. Fired by the sun’.

D A V I D   W A L K E R


David has been a photographer all his working life. Having travelled extensively he is influenced by many cultures and life experiences whether trekking to Mount Everest or exploring the veld in KwaZulu Natal. David is currently working on the influences that street art have to the background of our everyday life exploring the cultural differences between street art in different countries.

P A U L   T H O M A S


My life has been spent in art, film and music for forty years. Since childhood, I have had a very artistic sensitivity to light, texture, sound and tone, with the desire to express sound in the pictures and pictures in the sound.

S A R A H   H O B L E Y


I am a portrait sculptor working on a commission basis, creating, in clay, a likeness of a horse, dog, adult or child. To complement my commission work, I also produce a range of limited edition relief sculptures. My work is cast in bronze, bronze resin or elegant, white marble resin.

L O U I S E   B I S H O P


Louise is a water colourist who has enjoyed painting while in lock down. Confined to her garden she was inspired to return to painting flowers and foliage from her garden Her work both in drawing and painting is very delicate with a lovely sense of colour and in a sensitive way her art will give joy to both her and the viewer.

07879 464 912

S H E I L A   K E R R I G A N


Sheila Kerrigan BA (Hons) is a Contemporary Batik Artist, creating unique original paintings taking inspiration from the natural world, using hot liquid wax-resist dyes' Sheila has had her batik selected by the GQ magazine and exhibited in Dorchester Library for the visit of Prince Edward.

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